Thursday, June 19, 2014

This image shows the beginning of my collected masking tape works. The masking tape is mediator. It is foil and interceptor. Foil, as in a sub-plot to the main plot which is  painting.  Interceptor in its function to prevent the flow of paint. Control and release. This work is about mediation. About living in a mediated world. About finding balance and peace within the rhizomatic/ nomadic place we now inhabit. 

Monday, June 16, 2014

"A Poem About Painting" (written in 2009 by Elizabeth Barnes)

How to talk about painting.

The systems
The form
The language

The phlegm
The sexy
The dead

Risen again

Nascent rebirth
Latent potential
Obsessive contemplation

Anxious abandon
Pernicious loss
Apocalyptic conjunctive

Wanking victorious
The ooze and the blood

The relic
The mirror
The money
The glitz

Percepts and concepts and constructs and form
Parodies and prophecies, the drip and the flow

Control and release
The High and the Low

Dead… and risen


And again.

I wrote this poem when I was struggling to write yet another artists statement. I think it said it all for me at the time. Maybe it still does.